Monday, July 30, 2007

Music on the Library Steps

Monday nights in the summer mean “Music on the Steps” of the downtown library. Local bands play crowd-pleasing music to the small audience that gathers on the grass and walkways in front of the building. The concert is short—just an hour—but it gives me something to look forward to at the otherwise occasionally depressing start of the workweek. I always see a few familiar faces, and there is usually a toddler or two entertaining the crowd with funny dance moves. It really doesn’t matter who the group is, I just enjoy relaxing outside in my comfy lawn chair, and usually nodding off by the third song.

Last week’s performers were the Believers, a local bluegrass band (shown in the photo) that plays regularly at the Rec Center on William St. Tonight it was Jim Canty & Friends, a jazz combo playing oldies and very oldies to a crowd made up largely of oldies and very oldies. If, like tonight, there have been thunderstorms anytime during the day, or if there is a slight chance of rain, or if the distant rumble of thunder can be heard miles away despite the sky above the library being perfectly clear, the organizers will set up the show inside in the theater, which is always a disappointment for me, because I have to sit upright in my chair without dozing off. Next week, local guitarist Pete Fields will be playing. Check out the rest of the summer schedule here.

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