Wednesday, November 7, 2007

UMW Alumni Center

Last week, I went to a business luncheon at the University of Mary Washington’s Jepson Alumni Executive Center. I don’t go to these types of events very often—maybe a couple of times a year. This was my first time at the Alumni Center, and I was very impressed. It’s a beautiful place to have an event (although I hear it’s very pricey), with an elegant ballroom, a brick courtyard with fountain, and lovely grounds. The food was quite good—better than the usual business luncheon fare. The event (the annual meeting of an economic development organization) can be summed up in three words: Men in Suits. Make that Men in Suits Who Enjoy Statistics. Oh, there were a few women, and I happened to sit at a table of more women than men (and among the men was one of my favorite MiS’s), and had a nice time. I always have a nice time when you take me out of the office and give me a free lunch--who says there’s no such thing?

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