Sunday, May 18, 2008

Marine Corps Historic Half

As predicted, we made it downtown just in time to see the tail end of the race and cheer on the final runners. Even though these may not have been the most competitive runners (little telltale signs gave that away, like making a phone call while running, or wearing a miniskirt and tights), we were still very impressed by everyone who took part. There were people of all ages and shapes, and many who were probably running in the longest race of their lives. Kudos to everyone who attempted the distance, and to all those who finished.

I don’t know if the race gave the city much of an economic boost, and I really didn’t see a tremendous influx of visitors anywhere. Still, the city and merchants gave all the runners a warm welcome, with plenty of events to entertain the visitors, and I look forward to celebrating "Marathon Weekend" again next year.

The Dixie Power Trio entertained the runners and their fans at the Visitor Center:

There were plenty of Marines around to control traffic and direct runners:

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