Monday, August 18, 2008

Barely Bloggable Week

Last Wednesday, we saw the “Music Under the Stars” performance by the Fredericksburg Community Concert Band at Hurkamp Park. A good show, but...been there, blogged that. On Saturday night, we went to a fun Greek/Olympics themed outdoor party, complete with Greek food, backyard games, and plenty of ouzo (Opa!). I had a great time, but didn’t take photos. I missed last week's Perseids meteor shower altogether. This past weekend, I puttered around the house, finished a few little projects, did some de-cluttering...but nothing blogworthy. Tonight I'm off to my Women's Group get-together at a downtown restaurant, but they'd kill me if I took their pictures, let alone posted them on the internet. So instead, I will post this photo of a monotype I purchased on Saturday from a talented local artist and friend, David Lovegrove (he teaches art at James Monroe HS), called Red Fountain II:

This is the second artwork I've purchased this month. I think I'm on a roll.

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