Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday, downtown Fredericksburg was hopping with all the folks who came out to take advantage of the very warm weather (our car thermometer read 72). There was a steady stream of customers at Lee’s ice cream (he couldn’t possibly have been prepared for the onslaught), and the bikers were out in force. We stopped at Hyperion for a cup of coffee, but the place was packed, with not a seat to be had outside. Instead, we headed down to the Griffin Coffee Shop, where they have a back porch and patio perfect for enjoying a cup outdoors.

I had a stack of books to donate to the library for their used book sale, but a sign on the whiteboard in the Riverby window enticed me to stop there with my box of books first. After a quick review of my offerings, they picked out half of them (about 6 or so, mostly paperbacks in good condition of the “literary import” variety), and offered me $6 cash, or double that in credit. I took the credit--just like that, $12 in credit for books I was getting rid of anyway! I was thrilled. A stop at the library to unload the cheesier best-sellers rounded out the afternoon.

The porch and patio hidden behind Griffin seats about a dozen:

Poster of Riverby Books by local artist Bill Harris:

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