Sunday, March 8, 2009

Signs of Spring

With super warm temperatures this weekend (it hit 80 today), we decided to get back in the habit of walking the downtown neighborhoods. Saturday’s outing took us to the neighborhood below the college, from Sunken Road to Kenmore Ave. I was searching for the first signs of spring, and I know that many of the folks in that neighborhood take their gardening very seriously. If there was anything in bloom yet, I’d find it there. And I did.

The buds are out on the trees, the crocus in sunny spots is blooming, and I even saw some periwinkle with a few purple flowers. Most of the daffodils aren't out yet, but I did see this one small bunch of early bloomers:

This garden, near Kenmore, is ready for spring planting.

Fredericksburgers can never have enough mulch. Mulch is big business. We love our mulch.

There was plenty of action at Kenmore Park. Tennis and lacrosse players were practicing, there was a kickball game underway, and the playground was filled with kids of all ages.

On the corner of Monument and Littlepage, I found yet another hidden cemetery. I don't know how I've missed this one in my walks:

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