Sunday, July 12, 2009

Downtown Marriott Opens

The new Courtyard Fredericksburg Historic District opened for business about a week ago, and we checked it out on a recent walk. It was a quiet weeknight, and the desk clerk was happy to give us a tour. The interior is very striking, with contemporary design, clean lines, and bold colors. Finally, a departure from the bland traditional interiors of so many hotels. There is a spacious lobby, a cafe and bar, an indoor atrium area and small outdoor courtyard, and rooms with a boutique hotel feel. We got to see the best room in the building, a corner 2-room suite with kitchen area, and a wraparound balcony on 2 sides. Not huge, but very tastefully done with upscale amenities. There is also an indoor pool and gym that we didn't see. Actually, it's amazing that they were able to cram so much into a relatively compact area. Definitely no wasted space here. Rooms start at $119 a night during the week. I'm thinking it could be a nice romantic getaway, even if I’m only coming from not-so-far-off Spotsylvania.

Here's the lobby, with a wide-screen TV viewing area in the back:

Another lobby view:

The bar:

Communal table for casual dining or drinks:

Some of the rooms open onto the 4-story atrium:

Here's the bedroom in the 2-room suite. Compact without being too cramped.

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cabinlady said...

Wow, That really looks like a nice place to visit and stay.