Saturday, August 11, 2007

Friday Night Garden Tour

Last night’s walk took us to the neighborhood around Kenmore, which as everyone in the burg knows, is the home of George Washington’s sister Betty, and her husband, Fielding Lewis. The grounds and gardens are free and open to the public, and from time to time, we duck inside the brick wall that surrounds the estate, walk the shaded trail to the back of the house (or is it the front?), and check up on the garden.

The streets in this neighborhood are lined with particularly lovely and beautifully landscaped historic homes. The gardens are suffering lately, with the super hot weather and lack of rain. But everyone’s lawn is perfectly tended, the shrubs are neatly trimmed, white picket fences abound, and you can smell the boxwood which, after spending four years in college in Williamsburg, smells like old Virginia to me.

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