Thursday, September 27, 2007

After Hours

Tonight we stopped by the Plank Rd. location of our favorite wine shop, Kybecca, which was hosting this month’s Chamber of Commerce “After Hours” event. This is a monthly gathering designed to help members schmooze... excuse me, I mean "network" with other business people. Now this is not the sort of thing I am generally interested in, despite having worked for over 25 years for companies that belonged to the Chamber of Commerce, but in this case, the email invitation promised wine tastings and a buffet catered by Laziza, the new Lebanese restaurant. Essentially this meant that no one in our house would have to cook dinner tonight. I think that’s pretty good motivation to attend an event--and yes, it’s surprising how often the prospect of free snacks really does get us out of the house. Of course, we had to earn our dinner by making an inordinate amount of small talk, but all in all, I’d say it was worth it. October’s event will be at an art gallery downtown, and then in November, the Fredericksburg Area Museum will sponsor the event, so I just may become a regular.

It would have been rude to take photos, so instead you’ll have to settle for another heavily Photoshopped scene of downtown Fredericksburg.

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