Saturday, January 12, 2008

Masonic Cemetery

Fredericksburg has a number of historic cemeteries, and today we stopped in at the Masonic Cemetery, tucked in a quiet corner on Charles Street, next to the James Monroe Museum. Most of the gravestones here have been worn down to illegibility by the passage of time, but an information sheet is available to help locate the monuments to some of the town’s more prominent citizens. George Washington’s nephew, Robert Lewis, is buried here (son of George’s sister Betty & husband Fielding Lewis, who lived at Kenmore).
So is Revolutionary War General George Weedon, who wintered at Valley Forge with GW, and later ran the Fredericksburg tavern where Thomas Jefferson penned the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom (the statute which, coincidentally, we will be celebrating in Fredericksburg tomorrow with a parade and a lot of speechifyin’). And Christiana Campbell might be a familiar name to you if you’ve been to Williamsburg, where you can eat dinner in a replica of the tavern she ran for many years in the 1700’s before retiring to Fredericksburg, where she died.

Now there's a family that really loved their mother.

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