Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How's the Weather?

Fredericksburg has relatively mild winters. The average winter temperature is about 36 degrees (average high of 45 in January), with average snowfall of less than 18 inches. And most of that melts within a couple of days. Of course, the smallest amount of accumulation cripples the area, and even the threat of snow can be enough to close the schools. But compared to my friends and relations in the frozen north country, we have it very easy. The winters are short, the sun shines all year round, and every once in a rare while, we get a day like today.

Yep, the thermometer hit 77 degrees just in time for my midday walk. We'll be back to the 40's by the weekend, but it sure was sweet while it lasted.


Anonymous said...

OK OK Don't Rub it in! The weather in the Frozen north is still frozen. It was about 35 today and now it is freezing rain. I almost look forward to the drop in temperature tonight so it will snow and not ice up. Good thing the Plow is working. Wow!! No wonder those of us in NH really appreciate the Spring & summer when it gets here.;)

Anonymous said...

I'd sure like to know more about the weather out in the sticks!