Monday, March 24, 2008

Community Center Art Show

The 2008 Fredericksburg Fine Art Exhibit was held at the Dorothy Hart Community Center this past week, and we visited on Saturday. We go to this show every year, to see the work of talented amateurs and novices exhibited alongside seasoned professionals. It's a big show, and the quality of the work varies widely, to say the least. But there are always enough gems to make the show worthwhile. In addition to the dozens of awards given out by the judge, everyone who visits gets to choose a favorite, and the visitors’ favorite also gets an award. I don’t know who won this year, but my favorite was “Green Mountains,” a monoprint by Mary Jane Bohlen (unfortunately there was too much glare from the glass to photograph it).

My husband’s favorite was this sweet painting of two women in their Sunday best, by Judith Merrill:

Here’s another of her paintings which I particularly liked:

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