Saturday, March 8, 2008

First Friday at UMW

Last night was the opening of an exhibition of the work of local artists, on display at UMW’s Jepson Alumni Center, designed to be part of the university’s centennial celebration. Although the center is a very elegant space, it’s really not a great venue for an art show. The 42 pieces were hung along the hallways and in nooks and crannies all along the first floor, just perfect for overlooking a canvas or two. The show itself was fairly inconsistent, with only a few pieces that appealed to me. My favorites of the show were Casey Shaw’s series of digital silkscreens, including this one, entitled “Behind Pickers":

What’s worth a return trip is the permanent collection housed here, including a few original paintings by noteworthy artists, such as this one by Gari Melchers...

and this one by Julien Binford (an art professor at the college from 1946-1971):

Here's a view of the "salon," which features a mural painted on canvas and adhered to the walls:

But my favorite reason for a return trip are the black and white photos of the women of Mary Washington from what I can only describe as “a bygone era.” Take a look:

Love the beanies!

The Alumni Center is open weekdays from 8-5, and anyone can stop in and take a look around.

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