Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Eagles Baseball

The Mary Washington baseball season starts in February, but we usually wait until the weather warms up towards the end of the season to take in a few games. I joined my husband after work last week to catch a few innings of the game against the Catholic University Cardinals (the perfect nickname, no?). I’m not a huge baseball fan, and prefer to go to games that feature funny mascots, dizzy bat races, cold beer, a bag of peanuts, and a seventh inning stretch with a hearty rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” The college games feature none of that, but on a warm spring day, the Dickinson Stadium on Hanover Street is as good a place as any to enjoy an afternoon in the fresh air, and the quality of play is generally pretty high. Although the Eagles lost to the Cardinals 7-6, they’re perennially one of the strongest teams in the Capital Athletic Conference (currently in second place), and have had winning seasons every year since 1989. The next game is against Villa Julie College (never heard of it) on April 5. Catch a few innings, but don’t miss the Multicultural Fair on campus while you’re over there. Here’s the rest of the schedule.

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katie b said...

Oh man, the multicultural fair! Always one of my favorite things. I remember the grilled chicken kebabs being such a treat every year. Except now I live in a city where you can buy them on every other block from a dude on the street.

But you know what you can't see, is CLOGGERS. Have fun!