Monday, June 9, 2008

Lee's Ice Cream

Temperatures in the high 90’s are a perfect excuse to go out for ice cream. Although I love Carl’s for the cultural experience, I’m really more of a hard ice cream fan, and for that, you can’t beat Lee’s on Caroline Street. Actually, the owner decided to change the name to Wally’s last summer, but after so many years as Lee’s, I don’t know how long it's going to be before that takes. Especially since he hasn’t repainted the signs on the front of the shop since he bought it from original owner Lee years ago. To confuse the issue, the owner’s name isn’t’s Jeff. Wally is his pet bird. And I’ve yet to hear anyone refer to the shop as Wally’s. But no matter...the ice cream is great, and if you’re in Fredericksburg, you should check it out.

Jeff makes all the ice cream himself, and along with the more expected selections (as many as 32 choices), there are always a few interesting flavors you might not find elsewhere. On recent trips, we've found peanut butter with Oreos, coffee with Oreos (anything + Oreos = good), banana chocolate chip, spicy pumpkin, and mango sorbet. His “Arbuckles” ice cream, made with vanilla ice cream and Swiss hot chocolate, is classic, and he makes a Girl Scout Cookie ice cream that tastes exactly like Thin Mints. And he always has a couple of sugar free and/or fat free choices, too, and they’re really good. You won’t feel deprived.

Above the counter is the artfully rendered menu, including the "map" of the ice cream freezers:

Not the most colorful choices, but delicious nonetheless. On the left is a double scoop with Kahlua Fudge and Toasted Coconut, and on the right is a single scoop of Fat Free, Sugar Free Butter Pecan Yogurt (I was trying to be good):

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