Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Back Bonfire

For the second year in a row, we celebrated (or mourned) the end of Daylight Savings Time with a bonfire in the woods of Spotsylvania County. I didn’t grow up with bonfires, and maybe that’s why I find them so fascinating. My family lived in hyper-surburbia, and didn’t do any camping, and generally speaking, we stayed out of the woods. We had a fire in the fireplace once or twice a year, but that was about it. I’m sure my brothers, being Boy Scouts, enjoyed their fair share of campfires, but my troop of Girls Scouts kept as far away from fire as possible. So this whole bonfire thing is pretty exciting, especially when our Saturday night party had a designated fire tender who kept the fire blazing, but safe, despite a fair amount of drinking all around. There was a feast of food and drink (for me, the hit of the night was the hot cider with cinnamon schnapps, which is destined to be my new holiday drink), musicians playing guitars and singing, marshmallow toasting (and a reappearance of the Marshmallonator), and plenty of adorable young’uns to play with. I hope my friends keep up this tradition, and that I’m always able to weasel myself onto the guest list.

Musicians at play:

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