Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post-Halloween Wrap-Up

I haven’t had trick-or-treaters come to the house in years (aging neighborhood, dark cul-de-sac, long and foreboding driveway in the woods), so my husband and I decided to head downtown last night to check out the Halloween scene. I was thrilled to see so many college students in full costume walking along William St. And as we headed towards Kybecca, we ran into Amy from the shop in perfect Palin attire. I’m sure there were a lot of costumed Sarahs last night, but I can’t imagine a better likeness than Amy’s (in real life, it was startling). I wasn’t quick with my camera last night, but here and here are a couple of photos from Kybecca’s blog.

We walked around a bit, then headed to J. Brian’s (a favorite of ours) for dinner, where we started with what is usually a huge portion of nachos, but which last night was absolutely monumental. A towering mountain of nachos. I didn’t think to take a photo (must have been shocked into inertia), so you’ll just have to trust me on this. Order them sometime.

Then we walked over to Maury Stadium to watch the undefeated Yellow Jackets take on our own beloved Chancellor Chargers, also undefeated as we approach the playoffs. Maury is like a second home stadium to us, and it’s rare that we’re rooting for the other team. We started on the Chancellor side, but the crowd was so enthusiastic that our bleacher-full was standing. Well, sitting through four quarters of football is hard enough—I wasn’t about to stand. So after the first quarter, we went over and sat on the JM side, careful to keep our Chancellor love on the down low. I got to see plenty of Halloween costumes, including the entire JM Marching Band in costume (my favorite was the fat referree). The yellow jacket mascot even threw candy into the stand, and I nabbed a piece, so it was like a tiny taste of trick-or-treating (larger tastes will come when I break into the entirely unnecessary bag of Snickers sitting on my kitchen counter). The game was very close, both teams played well, and Chancellor won. Here are some of the highlights, including some Halloween costumes.

The photo at the top is the first kid's costume I ever created, for my almost one year old daughter. The stuffed carrot makes the costume, don't you think? She turns 24 this week.

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