Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lake Anna Winery

We saved this trip for the first nice day after a long bout of rain. We’ve been down there before to see the Renaissance Faire a few times, but we hadn’t tasted any Lake Anna wine in quite a few years. We were actually very surprised, because the wine has improved tremendously since our last tasting at a wine festival a few years back. In fact, we liked most of the dozen wines we tried, and none were bad. As with a lot of wineries, there’s a small fee for tasting: $3 for wine only, or $5 for wine + glass. I always like to take home the glass. All of the wineries have the same shape and roughly the same size glasses, so they make a nice set. And it’s no big deal if someone breaks one.

The winery has events throughout the year. Here’s the schedule.

The tasting area is part of a large room for special events.

There's a small deck where you can sip wine and enjoy the view.

Nice graphics.

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