Monday, April 6, 2009

UMW’s Multicultural Fair

This past Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for the Multicultural Fair at the college. This is one of my favorite local events of the entire year, one that I have only missed once or twice in the fair’s history. It’s a great people-watching opportunity, and I always run into a few people I know.

Philippine dancing (below and at top) by the "Pilipino American Cultural Arts Society" (that's not a typo):

The African hand-drumming club (the hand drumming is African, obviously not the club):

"Koto Buki Kai," the Japanese dancers, show some young'uns how it's done:

The food is arguably the best part of the day. For lunch, I had grilled veggies in a pita from this guy. My husband had fried flounder and oysters from another vendor, where I got to sample fried alligator. Delicious!

Here are some scenes from last year's fair.

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