Monday, August 17, 2009

Joshua Wilton House

Our real reason for choosing Harrisonburg for our road trip was to stay and eat at the Joshua Wilton House. My husband and I have been visiting inns about once or twice a year since our youngest left for college, and we’ve been to quite a few in Virginia. This inn has been on our list of possibilities for quite awhile. The inn is a lovely Victorian right on Main St. in downtown Harrisonburg, a short walk from the Visitor Center. Our room wasn’t the most luxurious we’ve stayed in, but it had all the elements I need: a tastefully decorated room with a big bay window and appealing architectural details, a queen bed with comfy linens, and a sparkling bathroom with terrycloth robes and nice toiletries. We found a welcome treat of the most delicious fresh-baked blondie bites, butterscotchy with dried cranberries and nuts, in our room, along with sparkling water. And it was one of the less expensive inn rooms we’ve stayed in, so we definitely feel we got our money’s worth.

Room #3, behind the bay windows on the 2nd floor at the right of the photo above:

We had read about the restaurant beforehand, and knew that the chef developed the menu using local, seasonal foods from the area’s farmers, so we were really looking forward to dinner. We’ve cut back on our expensive dinners out lately, so we had a lot of pent up anticipation for this one. We weren’t disappointed. The highlights were an appetizer of peach-stuffed quail with prosciutto-corn flan, summer succotash and expresso-Zinfandel sauce, and an entree of coffee cured and smoked duck breast with cherry tomato-pearl pasta and roasted corn salad.

I didn't take photos at dinner (sometimes, it's just too intrusive), but here's our lovely breakfast, starting with fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh fruit with granola and yogurt, and a square of coffeecake still warm from the oven...:

plus French toast with coffee-maple cream, bacon and fresh peaches:

Another view of the inn:

The front foyer:

The flowerbeds in front of the inn:


Nicole said...

sigh. I'll just have to live vicariously through you. I'm not jealous. I'm not jealous. (I am)

Merry N said...

Getting away without the kids is tough unless you're lucky enough to have relatives nearby willing to take them. We didn't, so were only able to go away without the kids twice in all the years they were at home. But those 2 occasions (both times to inns) were heavenly! It's tough with 3 kids...I feel your pain!