Thursday, August 27, 2009

Film Festival

The Rappahannock Independent Film Festival started today, and continues through the weekend. A young friend of ours was in a short film created by a fellow high schooler, so we went down to the showing at the library tonight to support the local talent. One day, when our friend is a famous actress, I’ll get to tell everyone I knew her when she was in One Time, Me and My Friends Robbed a Store! There was a good crowd in the auditorium, and the fun student film was very well received.

In a case of “these two films don’t match well,” the second film was a powerful and moving full length documentary about the Holocaust in Poland. No. 4 Street of Our Lady tells the story of a Polish Catholic woman who hid 16 Jews in her home for 20 months during the German occupation of Poland during World War II.

We enjoyed the evening so much that we decided we’ll go back on Saturday to see another block of films. Each block runs about 2 hours, ranging from two to eight films, and mixing homegrown efforts with bigger budget films. Admission is $6 a ticket. Check out the website for the full schedule and description of films.

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