Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shop Local(ly)

I love these Shop Local tote bags. I picked up a bunch of them for $1 each at The Cat’s Closet downtown on Caroline Street (one of the few non-feline items they sell). They’re great for groceries, books, a trip to the Farmer’s Market, or whatever else needs toting, and they eliminate the awkwardness of using one supermarket’s bags at a different supermarket. All purpose, one size fits all. Use them when you shop locally, and display your Fredericksburg pride when you head out of town, too. And by “Shop 22401” I assume we can also imply the importance of stimulating the economy of the entire area by shopping 22407 (my home zip), 22405, 22408, 22553, 22554, and all the other local zips. And I am giving the economic development folks a pass on the bad grammar, which rightfully should say "Shop Locally" but which doesn't fit nearly as nicely on the bag. Happy shopping!

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