Sunday, September 13, 2009

Seasonal Rhythms

We just got back from our annual beach week in Duck, NC. We’ve been going there for so long that we have our routines down pat. If the sun is shining, we’re on the beach. When the weather turns on us (as it did frequently last week), we go exploring down the beach road or hit up our favorite shopping areas. We know how many books to take, which store has the best selection of jigsaw puzzles, where to get the best seafood for cooking dinners in, how far ahead to make a reservation at our favorite restaurant for eating out. It was a completely relaxing vacation. Kicking back in the same comfortable location year after year is the perfect antidote to the little stresses and issues of life back home, and we’re already planning our 2010 Duck visit.

The neighborhood:

Beach tableau:

My husband and I are creatures of habit. Each season brings the return of favorite activities. In the fall, we look forward to Friday night football, concerts at the college, harvest festivals, and brisk hikes. In the winter, there are a host of holiday events, an inn getaway, and people-watching downtown over a cup of coffee. In the spring, we anticipate UMW baseball games, high school plays, and the Multicultural Fair. Summer brings the return of outdoor concerts at Bluemont and the library, a day spent on a nearby river or lake, maybe a camping trip, and always a beach trip or two. And always, there are walks to take, local plays to see, First Friday gallery openings to attend, and new restaurants to check out.

I’m into my third year of blogging now. I’ve written about all of these seasonal activities, sometimes twice. This feels like a good time to take a step back from blogging these routine outings, and save blogging for times when I do something new, something I haven’t written about before. I anticipate fewer blog entries, but hopefully I’ll still find enough interesting new adventures to check in from time to time.

In the meantime, no matter where you live, I encourage you to enjoy your town’s community events, check out the activities at a nearby college, and see what concerts and plays your local high school is offering. I guarantee you’ll be surprised how much is going on out there.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should twitter. I'm reading a blog at the moment.

Merry N said...

I think I'd feel too much pressure with twitter to have regular updates. No point in twittering if you're only going to do it sporadically. And with my old school phone, I'm pretty bad at texting. I like Facebook better.

Cabin Lady said...

I will miss all your blog visits. I always check to see what you have been doing and were you have been. I know I will be seeing you on facebook.