Friday, December 7, 2007

Community Foundation Holiday Reception

Tonight the Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region (CFRRR) hosted the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce’s “After Hours” reception. CFRRR goes all out with this, sponsoring a big holiday bash, with catered food and an open bar. The idea is that you will get swept up in the holiday spirit and make a generous donation to the organization.

Since CFRRR is a client of the ad agency I work for, I get invited, and last year, I had such a good time that I volunteered to work the event this year. So I got there early to help set up, and spent the beginning of the evening working the bar—in my case, just handing out beer and soda, because I have no idea how to mix a drink.

Before long, they were overrun with volunteers, and I was demoted to guest. I spent much of the evening cruising the hors d'oeuvre tables (sushi and crabcakes and roast beef, oh my!) and trying to find a familiar face among a group that is decidedly not my crowd—the business community of Fredericksburg, including quite a few high powered movers and shakers. Luckily, my boss's partner showed up, took me under her wing, and introduced me around, since she is quite a mover and shaker herself, and knows everyone. It was an interesting evening, but I have to admit, the most fun I had was pouring beer and soda for the merrymakers. I think that’s a job I would actually like--tending bar or serving food at catered affairs...something where I get to schmooze drunk people all night.

And now a word from your sponsor: The Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded to promote philanthropy in the Fredericksburg region by managing charitable funds for organizations and individuals. So for example, if you wanted to establish a fund that would provide financial support annually for a specific cause, CFRRR would set up and manage the fund for you, and distribute the money in accordance with your wishes. A member of my church died a few years ago, and having very little family, he left a significant part of his estate to the Community Foundation, to establish a fund that would provide yearly support to Habitat for Humanity in his name. CFRRR also manages quite a few scholarship funds, set up in memory of a loved one, and earmarked for deserving students. You can also donate money to any of their existing funds. And if you are really stumped for a Christmas present for the person who has everything, you can purchase a CFRRR gift card for $50 in their honor. No, they don’t actually get anything other than a donation made in their honor, but the card does come in a lovely gift bag. To learn more about CFRRR, click here.

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