Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lower Caroline Street

In an effort to snap ourselves out of our post-holiday stupor, my husband and I actually left the house yesterday. After a few errands, including stopping for bread at Eileen’s and coffee at The Java Connection, we took a walk in one of our favorite Fredericksburg neighborhoods, lower Caroline Street. Many of the houses here are historically and architecturally significant, and almost all of them are quaint and charming. Quite a few are riverfront properties, with historic facades facing the street, but huge, intricately landscaped backyards that slope down to the Rappahannock River in the back. You can pick up a walking tour brochure of the neighborhood at the Visitor Center, just a couple of blocks away, and learn a few things while you get a little exercise. I’ll spare you the historical descriptions, and just show you some of the houses.

In the photo above, you can see the hitching posts and the stone carriage step at the front of the property.

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