Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Festival 'o Dogs

I didn’t know there was a Dog Festival at Hurkamp Park on Sunday, and if I had, I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to go (if you know me, that won’t be a surprise), but we were taking a stroll after church and that’s where we ended up. And I can’t resist the sight of a festival of anything–yes, even dogs–so we checked it out. There were a lot of enormous dogs strolling with their owners, but I have to give credit where credit is due, and say that they all had leashes, and were very well behaved. As were their dogs (ba-dum bum).

Normally, since I am not a dog fancier, I am the target of dogs everywhere. They seek me out for licking, sniffing, rubbing up against and jumping up on. But I guess when you put a lot of dogs together, they’d rather sniff each other’s crotches than mine, so I was safe. And generally, I don’t blame the dogs for that behavior, I blame the owners who think it is just adorable that their Great Dane loves me so much that he wants to jump on me, so I should be honored! And delighted! Which I’m not! So all in all, the Dog Festival was just fine. Although I didn’t hang around downtown long enough to catch the dog parade. I have my limits.

The scene, which included booths for animal organizations and animal-related information, plus a lot of puppy paraphernalia, including an alarming amount of doggy fashion:

I'll admit this is a handsome dog:

The crotch-sniffing event:

Sunglasses for dogs. Is this for real?

Doggie cookie jars, I guess for dog biscuits. Because some dog lovers can't get enough of a bad thing.

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