Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sometimes There IS a Free Lunch

We’ll go to just about any promotional event that promises free food, so when our bank branch handed us a flyer advertising food and prizes at their “grand re-opening” last Saturday, we marked the date. There isn’t really all that much new about the branch—they added some glass privacy walls around the bankers’ desks (a bit zoo-like, if you ask me), but I wouldn’t call that grand. And they never closed, so I’m not sure about the re-opening either. But no matter. There were free hot dogs and drinks, popcorn and soft pretzels, a moon bounce and face painting for the kids, and a spin-the-wheel for prizes game, where Everybody Is A Winner! Grand opening or no, I’m just glad my bank is still in business.

Dishing up the dogs:

You spin the wheel and win a prize, although it was highly weighted in favor of plastic footballs and drink cozies. Our generous wheelmeister let us trade in 2 plastic footballs for the coveted BB&T stadium throw. Score!

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and as a former F'burger and a MWC alum I have to say I love getting a glimse of whats going down in the burg. My hubby and I are stuck in Delaware and likely to stay here for the forseeable future but my "if I ever win the lottery dreams include buying a house on Princess Anne and spending every morning hanging out with the crew at Hyperion. Thanks for writing such great stuff