Thursday, October 16, 2008

International Market

I found a recipe for a vegetarian mu shu stir fry that I wanted to try, which called for mu shu pancakes. And luckily I remembered about the Five Mile International Supermarket, a storefront grocery in the Chancellor 5-Mile Center (on Old Plank Rd. near George’s Pizza) specializing in all things Asian, with some Latin items thrown in for good measure. The store is a colorful kaleidoscope of products...and I probably couldn’t identify half of them. But if you need any specialty items for your Asian cooking, this is definitely the place. In addition to the mu shu pancakes (frozen), I came home with a big bag of fresh bean sprouts, a tub of peeled, fresh garlic cloves (the height of convenience), and a few different spicy seasoning sauces.


UUFan said...

vfAnother local source for international groceries will be Wegmans when it arrives next year. The chain excells in selling very fresh and unusual ingredients for the adventurous cook.

Merry N said...

I'm very excited about Wegman's...I hear they have an excellent selection of cheeses, among other things. But the International Market gives new meaning to "unusual ingredients." Click on the photo of the bottles for a closer look. Preserved mud fish?! I'm not THAT adventurous!

UUFan said...

I think they will be complimentary.

With high turnover, Wegman's will probably have fresher vegies, fruits and meats.

But preserved mud fish?? Not so much.

Shirley said...

I've been reading your blog from time to time. Enjoy it. :-)

Thanks for this info. I used Asian rice flour for baking as I have to bake gluten free. The Asian store I used to rely on closed quite some time ago and I've been getting my rice flour when I happened to be in Richmond. So, this is really good news for me! Thanks!