Sunday, May 3, 2009

Early Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market on Rt. 3 West has returned, and I'm happy to get back to the Saturday morning routine of stopping there. Yesterday, there were a lot of garden plants available, and this might just be the year I expand the herb garden on my deck to include a tomato plant or two. When my kids were little (and before the Rt. 3 Farmer's Market existed), we had a real vegetable garden, mainly because everyone around me talked about gardening so much that I thought it was a requirement of living in Spotsylvania County. Then I discovered that gardens needed way more attention that I was willing to give (apparently, there's more to it than just planting and harvesting), so I gave it up after a couple of years. The only thing I could get to grow consistently was hot peppers--I guess the wildlife wasn't interested in those. Now that I can get hot peppers of every variety in bucketloads from the farmer's market, plus almost every other vegetable I need, I've just been a summer herb gardener. Nonetheless, the thought of a container garden on the deck still appeals. We'll see if this year is the year.

Asparagus, green onions, and lettuces were in abundance, as well as a few early strawberries, which must have been grown using extraordinary means, because it's really a couple of weeks early for strawberries around here.

In other Saturday news, I went to the matinee of Romeo and Juliet at Stafford High School, mainly because I knew the Juliet of that performance (who did a superb job in the role, despite having just a week's notice). It was an excellent production all around--a modern staging, with simple sets and costumes, plus over a dozen original songs interwoven throughout the show, all written and performed by two students.

And finally, I won $3 at a Kentucky Derby Party. And it only cost me $6 worth of bets. Is that actually considered winning?

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