Sunday, May 31, 2009

Miller Farms Market

It’s strawberry season in Virginia, and I can’t get enough. My home-for-the-summer son suggested we pick our own, so I hunted on the web for pick-your-own farms in our area, and found Miller Farms Market, a new one to me. The place had been a dairy farm for decades, and only started offering fresh produce a few years ago. This farm appealed to me because they are a small operation, convenient to home, and in a direction that doesn’t require me to drive through town. And they don't charge an admission fee, something you may find at bigger farms with lots of "attractions." So we went out on a weekday afternoon last week and quickly picked about 11 pounds of berries, despite having to pass up many ripe, but water-softened, berries. All this rain makes for a big berry, but it takes a lot of sunshine to make them really sweet, something that's been sorely lacking around here lately. Nonetheless, fresh picked local strawberries beat anything else you can find, and these were well worth the effort.

From Fredericksburg, go out Route 3 West and turn left on Route 621 (across from Wilderness Baptist Church). Go 5 miles to the farm on the right. It's just a few miles past Fawn Lake.

Besides strawberries, the farm offers freshly picked produce, seasonal plants, free range chickens and eggs, and a wide variety of other food items from the region.

In the little shop, you can get jams and jellies, peanuts, honey, maple syrup, coffee beans, and other food and gift items.

Don't forget the rabbit food.

A highlight was the strawberry "shake" we sampled, made from Miller's own milk and strawberries, that was more ice cream than shake (I dare you to suck that up through a straw).

For the most part, I prefer my berries just sliced and eaten, with a little sugar if necessary. I certainly don't advocate smushing freshly picked berries into drinks. But my son had a hankering to make his own strawberry lemonade, and I do support any and all efforts of my children to make me delicious treats, especially if they buy their own lemons, do their own squeezing, and clean up after themselves.


Jeffrey Kent said...

We live about 10 minutes from Miller's Farm and shop there about once a week. Great meat, fresh produce.

Couple years ago they had the most amazing sweet corn I've ever tasted, no butter or salt needed.

We also get our pumpkins for halloween and our christmas trees at Miller's.

Also for kids, they have a huge sand pile and hay bales to play on.

Nicole said...

I LOOOOOVE your blog!!! It's so cool. I live here but since we moved here last year, haven't really been out and about. I subscribed so as not to miss a minute!

Merry N said...

Thanks so much!