Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The New Adventures of Old Eileen's

Eileen’s has been open for business in their new location since May, and I’ve been a couple of times. They’ve made some updates to the circa 1833 church building since the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship vacated this past winter, but nothing very drastic. They’ve put in a new floor, painted the walls, updated the air conditioning, changed out light fixtures, and rearranged the layout of the area behind the sanctuary. But when I go there, it still feels like my old church home, which is very comforting. I went to Sunday services at that building for almost 20 years, and now there’s nothing better than meeting a UU friend there for lunch and marveling at how great the old place looks.

When I stopped for lunch last Thursday at noon, the place was doing a brisk business. After we finished eating, my friend and I moved to the comfy couch section (right about where the minister used to stand) where we lingered just long enough to avoid parking tickets. I suspect Eileen’s will continue to be one of my favorite gathering places for a long time. I wish them all the best in their new-to-them, old-to-me location.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea of the real reason WHY this move was made? Why would they move to perhaps the worst block of Caroline st from perhaps the best corner of Caroline st? They were right across from new hotel and kiddy-corner from the Visitor's center ... ideal for walk-in traffic. Now they are in the direction most tourists dont go and across from the worst housing conditions on C St. That being said, love the new place and good luck to them!

Merry N said...

Eileen's was renting in their old location, so subject to rent increases at the landlord's whim. And I'm sure with the hotel opening, rents would be going up. Now they own the building and can invest in whatever improvements they want. And by the crowd I saw there on Thursday at lunchtime, the location isn't a problem. They are close to the library, plus they are between 2 major tourist attractions (Hugh Mercer Apothecary & Rising Sun Tavern). I think they'll do fine in that location.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures and can't wait to eat there. Make a reservation for when I come to visit