Sunday, June 7, 2009

Virginia Renaissance Faire

Today we took our annual outing to the Ren Faire on the grounds of the Lake Anna Winery to enjoy (at long last!) a beautiful day in the sun. The Faire seemed bigger than ever this year, with a really good turnout this afternoon. As always, there were several stages with entertainment going on continuously throughout the day: musicians, singers, storytellers, actors, acrobats and magicians. There were demonstrations of practical arts of the period, games and activities for the kids, and vendors selling food and trinkets, plus jousting, archery, and greyhound races. There's plenty of audience participation, with the stage acts as well as with all of the costumed characters, from peasants and revelers to nobility and the Queen herself, who roam the fairgrounds and interact with the visitors. To really get into the experience, it helps to have a touch of the theatrical in you so that you can play along, as do many of the Faire’s regular visitors who come in costume.

The queen appreciates a respectful bow from faire-goers as she roams the grounds with her entourage.

The jousting arena was one of the most popular attractions, where knights on horseback tested their agility and accuracy with the lance.

Mad Maggie jumps through hoops to entertain the crowd.

Her Majesty's herald strikes a pose.

Our old friend Randy Stubbs told us about his life sailing around the world with Sir Francis Drake, and gave us some souvenir treasures from the sea.

And of course, my favorite spot, the tavern, where we hoisted a brew or two (several fine beers on tap) and enjoyed some rousing songs and stories.

The Faire is open next Saturday and Sunday from 10-5. Admission is $7.

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Jorge Amselle said...

Don't miss the 2011 Virginia Renaissance Faire starting on May 7.

May 7th and 8th– Opening Weekend and Scout Days. Come celebrate our opening weekend and the start of the Mid-Atlantic region’s 2011 Renaissance Faire season! Special activities for Scouts including merit badge programs and discounted admission. Scouts in uniform pay only $5 admission this weekend. Pre-registration is required for some activities. For more information on Scout Days activities:

May 14th and 15th- Shakespeare and Fantasy Weekend: The Bard arrives in Staffordshire, bringing whimsy and fantasy to life. Come meet William Shakespeare, watch as the Mad Mechanicals perform Shakespeare with a twist and be dazzled by the Fata Morgana Bellydance Troupe.

May 21st and 22nd- Pirate Invasion Weekend: The shire is awash in pirates and privateers! The Pyrates Royale, Letter of Marque and the Overland Crew provide musical accompaniment to the invasion.

May 28th and 29th- Military History Weekend: We demonstrate Black Powder weapons, Pike Handling and other military activities. We honor our active and reservist military personnel by providing free admission this weekend to active and reserve service members. Must present military-issue ID.

June 4th and 5th- Celtic Weekend: Celebrate our Celtic Heritage with Celtic music by Keltish and Fredericksburg’s own AON.