Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Snow

Our first snow of the year is gently falling right now, with maybe an inch on the ground so far, at least out here in Spotsylvania. According to Bob Ryan, this is the latest first snowfall in the Washington area since 1995, when it didn’t snow until Jan. 28. This is the way I like my winter. I don’t mind the cold or a little snow that lasts a day or two, but I can't handle the destructive elements of winter: the ice storms, the icy roads, the downed trees, the power outages. Sleet and freezing rain is in the forecast for tonight, but I don’t have anywhere I need to be. And now that I telecommute from home, I don’t even need to worry about getting past our untreated subdivision road to make it into the office. Ah, the digital age...isn’t it wonderful? I’m snug at home, and here is the view from my office window:

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