Monday, January 19, 2009

Really Random Ramble

Despite the cold, we took a brief walk around town and I snapped a few random shots. At right is City Hall. I took the photo to show why Fredericksburg weather is pretty damn good--even in the dead of the coldest days of winter, there is still a sunny blue sky and some flowers in bloom.

Below is the Charles Dick house on Princess Anne between Amelia and Lewis Streets. Charles Dick was a city merchant who built the house in the mid-1700's (read more here). Most recently, it's been turned into The Little White House B&B. A painter I once knew told me that instead of painting the whole house at once, a very pricey proposition given its size, the previous owners would paint one side at a time. I have no idea if that's true, or if it's even an interesting fact if it were.

This rather grand little entryway has a lovely awning, a fancy chandelier through the window, topiary at the door, and a pair of stone lions guarding the tiny front terrace. I have no idea what this place is...a private residence? Apartment rental? It's just to the left of the Happy Endings Bar & Grill on Princess Anne Street (it actually seems to be attached).

This is the downtown Marriott from the side (the front was still covered in Tyvek). Do you see the tiny house in the red circle? I never noticed that before. It looks like the building has gone up around it. That must be one pissed off homeowner. (Click to enlarge image)


G. said...

I stumbled upon your blog and have enjoyed reading it - thanks for the tidbits about things around town that I never noticed or knew about before! Gretchen

Merry N said...

Thanks! I'm a regular reader of your blog, too!